British Marine’s shipping activity is the heart of its global business. The Group has built its numerous trading and mining businesses around its core shipping business and has striven to be one of the best in the world at providing a full spectrum of shipping services. These include ship-owning, ship-management and ship-operating.


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Ship Owning

British Marine has never only been a tonnage provider, still less a mere financial player or speculator in freight, but has always approached the sector as an industrial participant, identifying shipping as the vital element in the worldwide trade of bulk commodities. According to the UK Chamber of shipping, 90% of the traded tangible objects in the world are at some stage or other transported by sea. 

The Group purchased its first dry bulk vessels in 1999 and went on to build a sizeable portfolio of bulk carriers, both commissioning newbuildings and purchasing secondhand tonnage. Over the years, the group has built up a wealth of experience in owning and operating vessels of varying sizes.

The Group has successfully adapted to the volatile market conditions in the shipping sector in recent years, buying and selling vessels at opportune times, and has maintained a solid and stable base of ship ownership.

The Group is particularly proud of its contribution to the impressive revival of the British merchant fleet. As a matter of policy their ships are flagged with the British registry. 

Ship Operating

British Marine has historically successfully adapted to the changing market conditions in the shipping sector, which has been characterised by a much increased volume of business, rapidly changing patterns of cargo trade, and the widespread adoption and use of financial instruments, such as freight derivative contracts.

British Marine’s ship-operating business is built around the group’s captive tonnage and captive cargo. 

The core of its tonnage is derived from vessels that the group either owns or directly manages. In addition to these, over the years, British Marine has chartered in many hundreds of vessels from third parties, mainly in the handysize, supramax, panamax and kamsarmax sectors. 

The core of British Marine’s cargo base is derived from the commodities produced from the industrial facilities which the group controls. In addition, British Marine has entered into multiple contracts of affreightment, leveraging off its captive cargo and tonnage to carry cargo, on very competitive terms,mainly to producers and end-users, but also to traders.

Ship Management

British Marine has built up its own in house commercial and technical management platform based in London and supported by an office in Mumbai, where it employs a team possessing a vast array of experience and expertise in the complexities of oceangoing vessel operations. The platform is highly regarded in the market for its high level of professionalism and enjoys a first-class reputation for maintaining vessels to the highest standards.   

The commercial and technical management platform has been transferred to RB British Marine, a joint venture company between British Marine and Reuben Brothers. RB British Marine manages the group’s owned fleet, as well as the fleet owned by Reuben Brothers and 3rd party owned vessels.

British Marine has also teamed up with TIME Investments who have raised equity for vessels acquired under the UK Enterprise Investment Scheme. The scheme offers significant incentives to UK based individuals to invest in the dry bulk sector. RB British Marine provides asset management and commercial and technical management services to the vessel owning companies.

Fleet Under Management