Other Projects

Through its Asian arm, the Group has  implemented a number of projects in which it has taken responsibility for mining developments in various sectors, including the extraction, drying and delivery of coal. These projects typically require attention to the entire cycle from the identification of the deposits, the obtaining of the necessary clearances, the procurement and investment in mining equipment and the procurement of logistics solutions.



The emphasis of the Group’s investment strategy in the coal mining sector is invariably on projects that lead to energy savings and to a cleaner environment by virtue of handling and burning a cleaner grade of coal.

British Marine is active in the base metals sector where it have a deep understanding of early stage development projects and the processing of such commodities. 

Power Generation

A new international regulatory regime addressing issues of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions presents enormous challenges to companies operating in this sector, as well as significant opportunities for the right strategic partner.

In this regard the Group is focused on the South East Asian market, and has successfully been involved in greenfield projects to facilitate the building, management and financing of power generation plants, where in every case there is a paramount emphasis on the use of clean technology.