Standards of Business Conduct

These Standards are applicable to all directors, officers and permanent employees of Group companies, but also to secondees, trainees, those on work experience and other temporary staff. Throughout the policy these identified persons shall be referred to as ‘employees’.

They are intended to ensure that the actions of Group companies and all employees are lawful and in line with the standards that we expect, and also to provide guidance to support our employees in making appropriate judgments and decisions in the course of their work.

The Standards specify the obligation of all employees to act with high standards of business integrity which go beyond strict legal compliance. This requires all employees to: behave responsibly; conduct business in a manner which is honest, sincere, and trustworthy; and act in accordance with accepted standards of behaviour.

In order to promote the application of consistently high standards of corporate conduct throughout the British Marine Group, each operating company within the Group is expected to adopt either these Standards of Business Conduct or its own Standards which reflect them.

The Standards provide rules and guidance for employee conduct in respect of the following:

• Whistleblowing
• Conflicts of Interest
• Bribery and Corruption
• Entertainment and Gifts
• Political Contributions
• Charitable Contributions
• Accurate Accounting and Record-Keeping
• Protection of Corporate Assets
• Confidentiality and Information Security
• Competition and Anti-Trust Laws
• Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism
• Sanctions

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